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(I’m grateful to my fellow tech workers who provided support or provided feedback so far. Amongf the latter was  that “total transparency” is important. So here are ~1,000 words to provide total transparency on why I’m starting Tech4Recovery. This was revised on May 1 thanks to awesome guidance from folks who’ve already been working on…


(This is where the case for systematic investment to make our recovery faster will be made…)


(This is where the case for systematic investment in making the recovery fairer will be presented, because people with less rather than more income paying a higher percentage of it in taxes pre-crisis was bad, but coming out of it will hamstring consumer spending and make it harder for people to get on their feet…)

…More Just

(This is where the case for sysetmatic investment in making our recovery more just will be made, because residential segregation pre-coronavirus affected access to opportunity, economic resiliency, and health in ways that are having clear and obvious additional impact and deaths among people of color, and to ignore that post-crisis would be monstrous…)

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