Why was Tech4Recovery founded?

Tech4Recovery was founded when a tech worker, as part of his job, concluded that the coronavirus crisis will, on balance, result in our tech sector growing even faster than it has been.

What is Tech4Recovery trying to do?

Our mission is here.

What is Tech4Recovery not trying to do?

  • We do not believe we’re the top experts on tax laws and tax schemes.
  • We do not believe we are the best or wisest speakers on the lived experience of inequity.
  • We do believe we can help raise awareness of the scale of tech-fueled wealth and the possibilities for using it to accelerate recovery.
  • We do believe we can bear witness to inequitable access to opportunity and amplify the call to intentionally make recovery more just.

What is Tech4Recovery’s position on taxing tech companies?

We adhere to a simple principle: during the downturn, the tech sector will provide a steady flow of income and wealth to individuals and households. If affluent individuals and households are taxed in a progressive way, the only people affected alongside tech workers will also by those who, for whatever reason, are also doing well financially through the downturn. There’s a fierce urgency to do this to make recovery for all faster, fairer, and more just. We do not have nor plan to take a position on proposals not directed at individuals and households.