Important Voices

Tech workers like us are just one voice among many with ideas for a faster, fairer, and more just recovery. In particular, we encourage seeking out and centering the voices of those most impacted by the current crisis as a result of inequity that preceded it–and most at risk of coming out on the losing end of a less than just recovery. We’ll try to do that here.

(We found the links here worth reading. Unless otherwise noted, no affiliation or endorsement between Tech4Recovery and the authors or the authors and Tech4Recovery is implied.)

Electeds & experts

Coronavirus shows us why WA has always needed an income tax (Crosscut)

The state Supreme Court recently declined to review Seattle’s tax-the-rich case. Here’s how we got here — and where we might go next. | Katie Wilson is General Secretary of the Transit Riders Union

Don’t Listen to Bad Ideas—Austerity Will Only Hurt Us More (The Stranger)

We have two choices before us: grow our way out of this crisis, or wither into it. We need to tax the rich to save our economy. Our lives depend on it.” | Sen. Joe Nguyen represents the 34th Legislative District in the Washington Senate.

Saving Washington: The case for a wealth tax (Crosscut)

In 300 words, community leaders offer ideas to soften the economic blow caused by coronavirus. | Former Seattle mayor Mike McGinn

Welcome to Tomorrowland: What We Must Do To Remake the Post-Coronavirus Country (The Stranger)

“Progressive tax reform can both help fund programs and reduce wealth inequality, so now is the time to implement a wealth tax, high marginal tax rates, capital gains tax, and strengthen the estate tax.” | Seattle mayoral candidate Cary Moon & The Stranger columnist Charles Mudede


All in for Washington

All In For Washington is a statewide effort to clean up the tax code so that all communities in Washington thrive. We know we can do great things when we all chip in our resources together to achieve the amazing things we could never accomplish alone.

Washington State Budget & Policy Center

The Washington State Budget & Policy Center works to advance the economic well-being of all Washingtonians.

Economic Opportunity Institute

EOI is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit public-policy center using research, education and advocacy to encourage public debate and advance new policy ideas that help build an economy that works – for everyone.