Raise awareness of the likelihood that the coronavirus crisis will make our large and thriving tech sector even bigger. We believe tech’s growth amid the coronavirus crisis means Washington state, Seattle, and King County must use progressive taxes to fund public investments that accelerate economic recovery for all.

Provoke bold thinking about the type and scope of taxes the State Legislature, (or cities and counties with the legislature’s support) can implement in a progressive way, now. We aren’t experts on taxes or the State Constitution, but we believe we can help by assembling resources, ideating without fear or favor, and crunching numbers to show the possibilities.

Advocate for systematically making the recovery faster, fairer, and more just. Clear inequity in health, wealth, and access to opportunity prior to the crisis is causing an equally obvious disparate impact on people of color from COVID-19 nationwide. Many of those same conditions prevailed here, too. We believe it would be unconscionable to return to the status quo ante.