Imagine a village suffering hard times. Now imagine it also happens to be home to a goose that lays golden eggs. But the village elders refuse to sell any—no matter how many people need help and how much good the money could do. That’s akin to where we’re headed through the coronavirus crisis and our climb to recovery–if our legislature fails to act.

While some tech workers have lost jobs, this crisis will accelerate the trend toward a more digital economy (here’s why). Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google will have more customers buying more cloud computing and online collaboration tools. Ecommerce will grow. We’re tech workers who believe the growth of our sector through this crisis demands that our legislators and other elected officials tax us to make recovery for all faster, fairer, and more just.

Our downturn will be like a Great Depression in which one industry keeps growing gangbusters, with rising stock prices to boot. Now, like then, public spending can help people through the downturn and accelerate our recovery. The income and wealth fueled by our legions of tech workers can be Washington state’s superpower to make it happen–to the tune of billions in revenue, exclusively from the affluent.

#TaxUsNow, here is how

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